International Family Law UK

Moving with your children

Thinking of moving overseas with your children?

You may need to obtain the court’s permission to do this, if the other parent of your children will not agree.  This will require you to make an application to the court for an international relocation with your children.  Please contact us for advice on making a court application. You may wish to return to your former home country with your child, or perhaps relocate to the home of a new partner or location of a new job.  The judge will need to determine whether such a move will be in the best interests of your children and whether the move has been thoroughly thought through.

Thinking of moving to England and Wales with your children?

If you move to England and Wales without the permission of the child or children’s other parent, this may be an unlawful relocation.  See Child Abduction into or out of England and Wales.

If you already have a court order from one of the EU member countries dealing with arrangements for your child or children, there are EU laws in place to ensure that a judgement given in any other EU member country’s jurisdiction shall be recognised in this country.  You can make an application for your court order to be registered, recognised or not recognised. If it is not being complied with, you can then apply for it to be enforced in the courts of England and Wales.

A total of 41 countries have also signed up to a convention (the 1996 Hague Convention) which enables a contact order to be enforced with more ease between these countries.  Whether this will apply to your situation will depend on the location of the original court in which your order was made.