International Family Law UK

Information and advice on international family law issues in England & Wales.

Perhaps you live overseas but were born in England and Wales, or you were born overseas but now live in England and Wales. Perhaps you have properties and assets in different countries around the world, or consider yourself a citizen of various different countries.

This may mean that:

- you may have the option of divorcing in various different countries or “jurisdictions”, which could drastically affect the outcome of your divorce;

- the tax treatment of your assets could dramatically vary, depending on the countries in which pay tax. Tax treatment of spousal maintenance payments and even whether you need to pay tax on the transfer of the marital home between spouses varies between countries.

- you may wish to relocate outside of England and Wales with your children, or take them overseas for a holiday.

- you should seek additional legal advice in the country you are living in, the country you were born in or potentially other relevant countries.

Your case will be an “international” family law case, because courts in this country will need legal and practical information about the destination in order to be able to make a decision about you case.